Meeting On
Lorentz-Finsler Geometry
and Applications

Dates: January 14--17, 2019

Where: IEMath-UGR

(Instituto de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Granada)

This meeting is devoted to joining international experts on Finsler Geometry, who will explain their latest advances, also with applications to Physics.

Main speakers

(In alphabetical order)

Omid Makhmali (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw):
A Finslerian Notion of Causal Struture

Steen Markvorsen (Technical Univ. of Denmark):
Time-Dependent Finsler Geometry for Wildfire Spread Modelling

Volker Perlick (Univ. of Bremen):
Lorentz-Finsler Relativity

Christian Pfeifer (Univ. of Tartu)
The Origin of Finsler-Spacetime Geometry in Physics

Miguel Sánchez (Univ. Granada)
From Lorentz to Lorentz-Finsler Geometry

Nicoleta Voicu (Univ. of Brasov):
Variational problems in pseudo-Finsler spaces