VI Encuentro Internacional sobre
GEometría de LOrentz, GRAnada 2011


Ten years ago and in a friendly atmosphere, several Spanish research groups interested on the area of Lorentzian Geometry, its applications and related mathematical topics, initiated the biennial Meetings on Lorentzian Geometry and its Applications in Benalmádena-2001 (Málaga). This meeting had a vocation to be the first of a forthcoming series on the same topic. As a result, some others took place in Murcia 2003, Castelldefels 2005. Santiago de Compostela 2007 and Martina Franca 2009 (Italy), the last one outside of Spain as the international character of these meetings had increased spectacularly. The excellent atmosphere iin which this series of meetings had been originated, led us to speak about the "Benalmádena's spirit".

Lorentzian Geometry was born as the mathematical theory used in General Relativity. Nowadays, Lorentzian Geometry constitutes a branch of Differential Geometry where many mathematical techniques are involved (Geometric Analysis, Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Lie groups and Lie algebras...)

The present edition will be held in the city of Granada (Spain), September 6-9, 2011. Topics on pure and applied Lorentzian geometry such as geodesics, submanifolds, causality, black holes, Einstein equations, geometry of spacetimes or AdS-CFT correspondence, will be covered.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
The local organizing committee


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