8th International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry, Málaga (Spain)

September 20-23, 2016


Conference program

This is the conference program that will be provided during the event.

Conference program

List of participants

This is the alphabetic list of participants with affiliations.

List of participants

Invited speakers

Felix Finster (Universität Regensburg, Germany)
Linear stability of the non-extreme Kerr black hole
José Luis Jaramillo (Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne, France)
Understanding isolated system dynamics in General Relativity
Philippe G. LeFloch (Université Paris 6, France)
The Global Nonlinear Stability of Minkowski Spacetime for Self-Gravitating Matter
Pawel Nurowski (Uniwersytet Warszawski, Poland)
How the green light was given for gravitational wave search (report on a joint work with C. Denson Hill)
Tim-Torben Paetz (Universität Wien, Austria)
Conformal methods in general relativity
Rafael M. Rubio (Universidad de Córdoba, Spain)
Calabi-Bernstein type problems in Lorentzian Geometry
Miguel Sánchez (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
Generalized Fermat principle and Zermelo navigation: a link between Lorentzian and Generalized Finslerian Geometries
Kotaro Yamada (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Type changes of spacelike maximal surfaces in Minkowski 3-space to timelike surfaces

Mini course

Gregory J. Galloway (University of Miami, USA)
On the geometry and topology of initial data sets in General Relativity

General interest talk

José M.M. Senovilla (Universidad del País Vasco, Spain)
Ondas gravitacionales: el amanecer de una nueva era

Contributed talks

Masashi Yasumoto Trivalent maximal surfaces in Minkowski 3-space
Roland Steinbauer The singularity theorems in low regularity
Benjamín Olea Induced Riemannian structures on null hypersurfaces
Stephanie Alexander Convex functions in space-time geometry
Rafael López Existence of spacelike graphs of constant mean curvature in the steady state space
Giovanni Calvaruso Recents results on the oscillator spacetime
Marco Castrillon López Low dimensional Lie groups with cyclic Lorentzian metrics
Miguel Ortega Translating solitons, semi-Riemannian manifolds and Lie groups
Lorenzo Nicolodi Lawson correspondence and Laguerre deformation
Melani Graf Volume comparison for C1,1 - metrics
Miguel Ángel Javaloyes An overview about Finsler spacetimes and Penrose´s singularity theorem
Clemens Sämann On causality in low regularity
Alma Luisa Albujer Brotons Some uniqueness results for the solution to the Hr = Hl surface equation
Eraldo Almeida Lima Júnior Uniqueness of complete maximal surfaces in certain Lorentzian warped products
Ivan P. Costa e Silva Ridigity of geodesic completeness in gravitational wave spacetimes
Nastassja Cipriani Umbilical properties of spacelike co-dimension two submanifolds
Jonatan Herrera Conformal group actions and their influence on the causal boundary
Jose Carlos Díaz Ramos Cohomogeneity one actions on Minkowski spaces


Best Poster Award

The Academia Malagueña de Ciencias supports a prize for the Best Poster, according to the decision of the Scientific Committee. The prize, including a commemorative gift, was awarded to Junichi Mukuno for his poster entitled On the fundamental group of a complete globally hyperbolic Lorentzian manifold with a lower bound for the curvature tensor.



Adriana Araujo Cintra The Björling problem for minimal timelike surfaces in a Lorentzian 3-dimensional Lie group
Marco Antonio Lázaro Uniqueness of complete spacelike hypersurfaces via their higher order mean curvatures in a conformally stationary spacetime
Marilena Moruz Translation and homothetical surfaces in Lorentzian space with constant curvature
Álvaro Pampano Elastica constrained problem in hypersurfaces of Lorentzian space forms
Yoshinori Machida Geometric structures of Hamilton-Jacobi equations associated with metrics
Takahashi Masatomo Evolutes of curves in the Lorentz – Minkowski plane
Goo Ishikawa Null frontal singular surfaces in Lorentzian 3-spaces
Aleksy Tralle On Clifford-Klein forms
Nieves Álamo Antúnez Cosmological horizons: a simple model to clarify some common misconceptions
Verónica López Cánovas Marginally trapped submanifolds in generalized Robertson-Walker spacetime
Esma Demir Homothetic motions and surfaces with constant curvatures in Lorentzian 3-space
Junichi Mukuno On the fundamental group of a complete globally hyperbolic Lorentzian manifold with a lower bound for the curvature tensor
Cristina Draper ∇-Einstein connections on Lorentzian spheres
Fábio Reis On the quadric CMC spacelike hypersurfaces in Lorentzian space forms
Magdalena Caballero Campos Geometric properties of surfaces with the same mean curvature in ℝ3 and L3
Antonio Wilson Rodrigues da Cunha Higher order mean curvature estimates for complete hypersurfaces into horoballs
Luis A. Aké Some properties of glogally hyperbolic spacetimes with timelike boundary
José Antonio S. Pelegrín Constant mean curvature spacelike hypersurfaces in spacetimes admitting a parallel lightlike vector field
Juan J. Salamanca φ-minimal graphs in certain manifolds with density
Daniel de la Fuente Completeness of certain accelerated relativistic trajectories
Tuncer Ogulcan Surfaces with a common isophote curve in Minkowski 3-space
Osman Ates A curve whose position vector lies on the orthogonal complement of its any Frenet vector in Minkowski n-space
Özgür Keskin Normal Fermi-Walker derivative in Minkowski 3-space
Erdem Kocakusakli A quaternionic representation for canal surfaces in Minkowski 3-space
Xavier Valle-Regueiro Lorentzian generalized quasi-Einstein metrics and static structures


Tentative schedule

Time Tuesday 20th Wednesday 21st Thursday 22nd Friday 23th
  8:00 -   8:45 Reception      
  8:45 -   9:00 Welcome      
  9:00 - 10:00 G.J. Galloway G.J. Galloway G.J. Galloway G.J. Galloway
10:00 - 11:00 P.G. LeFloch P. Nurowski T-T. Paetz M. Sánchez
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:30 - 12:30 F. Finster J.L. Jaramillo R.M. Rubio K. Yamada
12:30 - 13:00 Lunch Lunch Poster session Lunch
13:00 - 15:00 Lunch
15:00 - 15:25 M. Yasumoto M. Castrillón Social
and gala
E. Almeida
15:25 - 15:50 R. López L. Nicolodi N. Cipriani
15:50 - 16:15 A. Albujer G. Calvaruso M. Ortega
16:15 - 16:45 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16:45 - 17:10 B. Olea R. Steinbauer M.A. Javaloyes
17:10 - 17:35 S. Alexander M. Graf J. Herrera
17:35 - 18:00 J.C. Díaz Ramos C. Sämann I.P. Costa
20:00 - 21:00   General interest talk  



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