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J. L. Flores, J. Herrera, M. Sánchez. Isocausal spacetimes may have different causal boundaries Classical Quantum Gravity 28 (2011) no. 17 , 175016, 9. MathScinet [bib] [doi]
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G. J. Galloway, J. M. M. Senovilla. Singularity theorems assuming trapped submanifolds of arbitrary dimension Journal of Physics: Conference Series 314 (2011) no. 1. [bib] [doi]
S. B. Edgar, J. M. M. Senovilla. (Conformally) semisymmetric spaces and special semisymmetric Weyl tensors Journal of Physics: Conference Series 314 (2011) no. 1. [bib] [doi]
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