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Poster Session

Final list of accepted posters.

Alegre, PabloLorentzian Sasakian manifolds and $\phi$-sectional curvature
Caballero, Magdalena and Ortega, MiguelRotational Surfaces in L3
Cañete, AntonioStable and isoperimetric regions in rotationally symmetric tori
Djoric, MirjanaOn three-dimensional CR submanifolds in six-dimensional sphere
Doupovek, MiroslavOn the prolongation of connections
Etemad Dehkordy, AzamAppllied Geometry in Isfahan
Fernandez Mateos, VictorOn the conformal geometry of transverse Riemann-Lorentz manifolds
Galvez, Jose AntonioHeight estimates for surfaces with constant mean curvature in M^2xR
Gamez, D.; Pasadas, M and Ruiz, CeferinoTessellations by Non-Euclidean Crystallographic Groups at the M. C. Escher's works.
Gomez, SalvadorPseudo-isotropic submanifold and contact number
Kaimakamis, GeorgeHypersurfaces of 4-dimensional Minkowski space satisfying DH=l H.
Kurek, Jan and Mikulski, Wlodzimierz Generalized Weil functors on affine bundles
Kures, MiroslavOn tensor products of Weil algebras
Lopez, RafaelCapillary strips in a gravitational field
Mart�ez, A., Milan, F. and Vrancken, L.Global geometry of flat affine surfaces
Melchor Rodríguez, Juan Manuel and Valor Gimenez, German These mathematics sound me // Estas matemáticas me suenan
Mladenov, IvailoOn Some Classes of Weingarten Surfaces
Palomo, FranciscoA new method to construct spacetimes with an isometric spacelike circle action.
Ramirez Ucles, RafaelA challenge for your spatial vision: Are we able to see simultaneously more than three faces of the same dice?
Romero, Alfonso E.Geometry and Information Retrieval
Rosales, M. CesarSurfaces with constant mean curvature in the pseudohermitian three-sphere
Senturk, ZerrikOn warped product spacetimes
Suh, Young JinGeneralized Maximum Principles and its Applications to S.S. Chern Type Problems
Tomas, JiriNatural operators transforming connections on a fibered manifold to its second jet prolongation.
Tovar, RafaelBochner's technique in Lorentzian manifolds
Vasik, PetrEhresmann prolongation
Verpoort, StevenThe Mean Curvature of the Second Fundamental Form