logo ISAGA'06 Programme

The Seminar consists of minicourses and invited lectures in the mornings, workshops after lunch and a poster session. All participants are encouraged to participate in all activities, specially the poster session. There are some social events.


The schedule of the mini-courses, invited lectures, poster session and other activities of ISAGA is ready to download in pdf format.

Minicourses and Invited Lectures

  • Summary X. Gual (Univ. Jaume I), L.M. Cruz-Orive (Univ. Cantabria): "Steorology"
  • Summary J.M.M. Senovilla (UPV/EHU): "Geometry of submanifolds in Lorentzian geometry with applications"
  • Summary O. Garay, J. Arroyo (UPV/EHU), R. Lipowsky (Max Planck Institute): "Curvature energy minimizers: Shaping elastic rods and flexible membranes"
  • Summary R. Kamien (Univ. Pennsylvania): "Materials Geometry: An Introduction (survey on Geometry and Physics; geometry of smectics)"
  • Summary Yong Seung Cho (Ewha Women's University, Korea): "Group Actions on Gauge Theory"
  • Summary Massimo Ferri (Univ. Bologna): "Geometrical Methods in Application and Industry in Italy."
    • Summary A. Micheletti (Univ. degli Studi di Milano): "Statistical Shape Analysis and Applications."
    • Summary A. Vietri (Univ. La Sapienza): "A geometrical-combinatorial analysis of vowel phoneme dissimilarities."
    • Summary Giovanni Garibotto (ELSAG, Genova): "3-D geometric Reasoning in Security Applications."
  • Summary Angel Ferrandez and Jose Pastor (Univ. Murcia): "Geometry applied to DNA"
  • Summary Frank Morgan (Williams College, USA): "Geometric Measure Theory and Soap Bubbles"
  • Summary Stefan Haesen (K. U. Leuven, Belgium): "Understanding vision through geometry"

Workshops and other activities

  • Summary Jose Martinez Aroza (Univ. Granada): "Fractals"
  • Summary Miguel Cabrerizo (Univ. Granada): "Physics in Action"
  • Summary Ceferino Ruiz (Univ. Granada): "Geometry in the Alhambra"
  • Exhibition of sculptures made by local artist Baltasar Pradas