There will be 3 or 4 plenary talks each day. These speakers have already accepted the invitation:

  1. ViñetaJun-Ichi Inoguchi (Yamagata University)

  2. ViñetaPablo Mira (Cartagena University)

  3. ViñetaJosef Dorfmeister (TU Munich)

  4. ViñetaYoshihiro Ohnita (Osaka City University)

  5. ViñetaFrancisco Urbano (Granada University)

  6. ViñetaMar Gonzalez (UPC)

  7. ViñetaReiko Miyaoka (Tohoku University)

  8. ViñetaVicente Miquel (Valencia)

  9. ViñetaYoshihisa Kitagawa (Utsunomiya University)

  10. ViñetaLuis Alias (Murcia University)

  11. ViñetaYu Kawakami (Kyushu University)

  12. ViñetaAlfonso Romero (Granada University)

  13. ViñetaShoichi Fujimori (Okayama University)

  14. ViñetaJoaquin Perez (Granada)

  15. ViñetaMaria Calle (UAM)

  16. ViñetaMasatoshi Kokubu (Tokyo Denki University)

  17. ViñetaEduardo Garcia Rio (Santiago de Compostela)

  18. ViñetaUdo Jeromin (University of Bath)

  19. ViñetaToshihiro Shoda (Saga University)

Some short communications will be also scheduled and we will have a poster session. If you are interested in giving a talk and/or presenting a poster, please send a message (by August 20, 2010) to

including your name, institution, address, tentative of title and abstract. If you are interested just in attending the workshop, then you can contact the organisers of your country before December 22, 2010.


Spanish-Japanese Workshop on Differential Geometry


  1. ViñetaLeonor Ferrer (Granada)

  2. ViñetaWayne Rossman (Kobe)

  3. ViñetaFrancisco Martin (Granada)

  4. ViñetaMasaaki Umehara (Osaka)

  5. ViñetaAntonio Ros (Granada)

  6. ViñetaKotaro Yamada (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)

Granada. February 14-18, 2011